"outshining others in always being in reach, fast delivery, transparency, and net results."
Please allow me to introduce myself
Gijs van Bolhuis
Always easy to reach, without the intervention of any secretaries, trainees or other clerks. Even after office hours.

About Gijs

By means of a crafty mindset and pragmatic approach, I have always been able to offer my clients practical and instant solutions to their problems.   

After having gained vast experience in multiple fields of law while working for various law firms, smaller and larger ones, I decided in 2014 to establish my own firm, together with my confederate Doeko Bosscher: Plan B Attorneys. Our law firm that outshines others in always being in reach, fast delivery, transparency, and net results.

Assisting a wide variety of clients, both national and international, I specialize in the following fields of law:

  • Corporate Law
  • Commercial Contracting
  • Employment Law
  • Civil Litigation 

My excellent command of English (bilingual proficiency) brings along a feeling of "homecoming" to our English speaking clients. In addition, I speak French and German. 

At the University of Groningen, I majored in Private (International) Law and EU law. In Montreal at McGill University, I broadened my knowledge of International Trade Law and improved my command of French.

Preferably, I spend my leisure time with friends and family enjoying a good meal accompanied by a matching glass of wine. Additionally, I engage in literature, both receptively and productively, fiction and non-fiction. Also I am politically committed and enjoy making frequent city trips.