"Not the megaphone, but shield and sword..."
Please allow me to introduce myself
Doeko Bosscher
Always easy to reach, without the intervention of any secretaries, trainees or other clerks. Even after office hours.

About Doeko

Having gained specific knowledge and vast experience in a great number of cases concerning IP and ICT law, and general commercial contract law, I am particularly well-equipped to assist our national and international clients in these fields. Additionally, my practice specifically focuses on civil litigation. The complex web of procedural rules offers great possibilities to the more inventive lawyers who are always search for a means to either speed up or slow down the proceedings in order to improve the client's legal position.

As well as my confederate Gijs van Bolhuis, I regard myself as a pragmatist. Prior to my career as an attorney, I obtained a PhD in mathematical information technology in 1997 at the University of Amsterdam. It was actually during my PhD studies that I obtained my law degree in IP/ICT law. All in all, a rather extensive academic background, dare I say. As a lawyer, I gained broad experience while working for various law firms, in various cities and in various fields of law. I always strive to offer my clients more than one legal option, hence the name of our firm: Plan B Attorneys.

As an attorney, I see it as my duty to protect my client's interests in the most sincere and committed way possible. I will not act as my client's "megaphone", but I am his/her sword and shield. Initially in any case, we will examine a possible solution outside of the courtroom, but we will certainly never flinch from going to court.

On a more personal note, I am genuinely interested in people, both in and outside of my profession, and enjoy spending time with my family and friends. Also I enjoy running, watching movies and constructing technical structures with my sons, such as marble runs.