“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” - Winston Churchill
Meet PlanB:

About PlanB

PlanB takes the view that every client deserves a personal approach. Clients differ and so do their problems. For our clients we are always easy to reach, without the intervention of any secretaries, trainees or other clerks. Also after office hours.

We aim for a sustainable partnership with our clients. For this reason, we first need to gain a proper understanding of your business. Only then we are able to do our legal job. We are convinced that solely fully-fletched sparring partners can be of real help to you.

We believe that there is often more than one solution to a problem. If required, we deviate from beaten tracks. The obvious solution is not always the optimal one. Hence: PlanB.

PlanB wants to shoulder the burden of its clients and defuse their problems before they ignite. Going to court cannot be excluded, but in all cases we will examine accurately whether a solution outside of the courtroom would be more fruitful. We are enabled to do so by our vast expertise and thorough knowledge of specific industries.

A competent attorney knows his strengths, specializes, and joins forces with specialists in other fields. PlanB keeps close contact with accountants, tax lawyers and business consultants in nearly all EU member states, North America, Asia, Middle-East and Russia, enabling us to adequately guide you through any cross-border transaction or dispute as well.

PlanB; Plan B Advocaten; PlanB Advocaten; and/or Plan B Attorneys (hereinafter jointly: “PlanB”) are the joint trade names under which Mr. (dr. mr.) D.J.B. Bosscher, by means of Advocatenkantoor Bosscher (sole proprietorship), and Mr. (mr.) G.W. van Bolhuis, by means of Advocatenkantoor Van Bolhuis, conduct a law practice. PlanB is no legal entity and has no legal personality. Advocatenkantoor Bosscher and Advocatenkantoor Van Bolhuis are independent entities, which are not affiliated within the meaning of Dutch corporate law, which inter alia entails that Mr. (dr. mr.) D.J.B. Bosscher and Mr. (mr.) G.W. van Bolhuis are not in any way liable for each other’s actions. PlanB has its registered offices at Haarlemmerstraatweg 79 in (1165 MK) Halfweg (Legal District of Noord-Holland).

The third-party bank account as administered by the foundation, Stichting Beheer Derdengelden Plan B Advocaten, is solely available to Mr. (dr. mr.) D.J.B. Bosscher, h.o.d.n. Advocatenkantoor Bosscher.